Sermon & Music Archive
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Date Special Music Sermon Title
February 18, 2018Graham Curtis"Presentation of the Faith: What Went Wrong?"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
February 11, 2018Chancel Choir"F.A.T. Folks"Bishop Beard
February 04, 2018Jmez Kidz"He Commands"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 30, 2017VBS Program"Nothing"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 23, 2017Myrna Rennison"Abba! Father!"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 09, 2017Sara Williams"Come"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 02, 2017Graham Curtis"A Cup of Water"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
June 25, 2017Jill Adkins"Faith"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
June 18, 2017Kate Badger"I Better Talk About Marriage"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
June 11, 2017Chancel Choir"Into the World"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
June 04, 2017Confirmation"O Taste"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
May 28, 2017Chancel Choir"Metaphors of Heaven"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
April 09, 2017Chancel Choir"Cantata"Directed by Kate Badger
March 12, 2017Jill Adkins"God's Plan: Step One"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
March 05, 2017Chancel Choir"This Explains It"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
February 26, 2017Kathleen Brumbaugh"Jesus Shall Reign"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
February 19, 2017Chancel Choir"what Is This?"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
February 12, 2017Sara Williams"Three New Rules"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
February 05, 2017Chancel Choir"Chaddock Home"Jeff Rasche
January 29, 2017Kate Badger"Following Jesus"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
January 22, 2017Chancel Choir"Isaiah's Vision Realized"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
January 15, 2017Graham Curtis"Refered Pain"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
January 08, 2017Chancel Choir"Mark of a "Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
January 01, 2017Jill Adkins"10 Resolutions"Sophia Reavley
December 11, 2016Children/Youth"Felix Finds Christmas"Directed by Debbie Yetter
December 18, 2016Chancel Choir"Invitation to a Miracle"Directed by Kate Badger
December 04, 2016Chancel Choir"Paul's Benediction"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
November 27, 2016Graham Curtis"Put on Christ"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
November 13, 2016Jmez Kidz"Baby Steps to Financial Success"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
November 06, 2016Chancel Choir"Weeping and Laughing"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
October 30, 2016Graham Curtis"What Being the Laity Means"Cathy Reavley
October 23, 2016Women's Ensemble"Finding Hope in Our Brokenness"Bernice Dallas
October 09, 2016Brice Bailey"Reflections on my Birthday"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
October 02, 2016Chancel Choir"Fasting with Joy"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
September 25, 2016Karsyn Layton"They will know we are Christians by our Love"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
September 18, 2016chancel Choir"Mission Presentation"Mary Ellen Simpson
September 11, 2016Mason Dixies"Great Is Thy Faithfulness"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
September 04, 2016Chancel Choir"The Church is Safe"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
August 28, 2016Jill Zeeck"Are We Hearing God's Call"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
August 21, 2016Kate Badger"By Grace"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
August 14, 2016Pastor Jame"Sent by Jesus"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
August 07, 2016Graham Curtis"The Great Thanksgiving"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 31, 2016Cathy Reavley"Hahs Parable"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 24, 2016Jill, Desiray & Sophia"Psalm 23: The House of the Lord"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 17, 2016Stacia Oest"Psalm 23: The Table"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 10, 2016Chancel Choir"Psalm 23: through the dark valley"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
July 03, 2016Liz and Maddie Carter"Welcome Table"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
June 26, 2016Vacation Bible School"Missionary from Ukraine"Missionary Jon Gainer
June 19, 2016Pastor Jame and Larry Montgomery"Psalm 23: for His Name's Sake"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
June 18, 2016Lay Servant Service"Lay Servant Commissioner"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
June 12, 2016Chancel Choir"Psalm 23: The Lord is MY Shepherd"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
June 05, 2016Graham Curtis"Be Grateful and be Happy"Robb Roper
May 29, 2016Graham Curtis"The Good Shepherd: Cares for Us"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
May 22, 2016Ricky Otto & Pastor Jame"The Good Shepherd: Brings Life"Kate Badger
May 15, 2016Chancel Choir"Shepherd Songs"Kate Badger
May 08, 2016Kate Badger"When Jesus Comes for a Meal"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
May 01, 2016Chancel Choir"Sharing the Holy Meal"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
April 24, 2016Graham Curtis"Parents and Children"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
April 17, 2016Chancel Choir"Receiving the Kingdom Like a Child"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
April 10, 2016Jmez Kids"Caring for our Children"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
April 3, 2016Chancel Choir"Christ's Blessing"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
March 27, 2016Sofia & Desiray/Chancel Choir"John 3:16"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
March 20, 2016Chancel Choir"Jesus on the Bible"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
March 13, 2016Girl Scouts"More Love to Thee, O Christ"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
March 6, 2016Prestyn Meyer"The Roman Road"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
February 28, 2016Jmez Kidz"I Knew That You Always Hear Me"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
February 21, 2016The Chancel Choir"Just Pray"Kim Stuby
February 14, 2016Kate Badger"Trusting in Your Goodness and Your Mercy"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
February 7, 2016The Chancel Choir"Talking and Listening"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
January 31, 2016Jill Zeeck"What is Family?"Ginger McKee
January 24, 2016Jamez Kidz"In Training"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
January 17, 2016The Chancel Choir"Jesus is Lord!"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
January 10, 2016Graham Curtis"Marked As A Disciple"Rev. Dr. Jame Hahs
January 3, 2016The Chancel Choir"New Beginnings"Robb Roper